The oil-free genius

15-75 kW

Oil-free, water-injected screw compressor with direct drive and permanent magnet motor

Your advantages with AQUARIUS Compressor

100 % oil-free compressed air according to ISO8573-1 Class 0

Low compression temperatures

Dust particles are washed out by the water

Variable speed drive for the highest possible efficiency

2 year warranty included or
5-year warranty as an option

No compromises when it comes to clean and oil-free compressed air

The AQUARIUS series makes no compromises when it comes to clean and oil-free compressed air. Only water is required for compression. The series was developed to offer our customers “the” solution when 100% oil-free compressed air is required, even in the most sensitive applications.

The AQUARIUS series offers maximum economy through the use of speed control in combination with a highly efficient permanent magnet motor.

No external water connection is required to operate the machine, as the integrated refrigerant dryer ensures that the compressor stage is supplied with water. This also means there are no additional costs for the water supply.


Model Overview

ModelNominal power
Volume fow (m³/min)
Volume fow (m³/min)
Length in mmWidth in mmHight in mmWeight
Sound level
AQUARIUS 15150,50 - 1,900,45 - 1,5216509801850100069
AQUARIUS 18180,50 - 2,450,45 - 2,0616509801850105070
AQURAIUS 22220,50 - 3,000,45 - 2,6016509801850110070
AQURAIUS 30300,50 - 3,780,45 - 3,3416509801850120073
AQUARIUS 31301,25 - 4,341,24 - 3,72201415001700140070
AQUARIUS 37371,25 - 5,281,20 - 4,64201415001700145071
AQUARIUS 45451,25 - 6,401,20 - 5,50201415001700155074
AQUARIUS 46452,72 - 7,672,61 - 6,64244813301930195073
AQUARIUS 56552,72 - 9,432,61 - 8,08244813301930200076
AQUARIUS 75752,30 - 12,002,10 - 10,40244813301930205079

Performance data according to ISO 1217, Annexe C
Technical changes and errors are subject to change


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