SCC is available as a competent partner for your compressed air station and compressed air application, whether it is a planned new acquisition, addition or revision of the existing compressed air system, or because you simply want to be sure that your compressed air system is running efficiently. With our know-how and experience, we can help you to solve your concerns in the best possible way.

Please contact us. You will be surprised how you can save a lot of money with a low cost.

Full advice

Inspection of compressed air station

A compressed air station is not always optimally positioned. Small errors in installation often have a big impact, not only on the service life of the devices used, but also on the cost and thus your wallet.

For a small investment, you can have your compressed air system checked by our independent experts and receive a test report with recommendations on how to optimise your system.

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Leakage test

Even with small leaks, you literally “blow” money into the air. A hole of only 3mm diameter and an operating pressure of 7 bar (a) “consumes” 3m3 of compressed air per hour. They blow money up, so to speak.

For a flat fee, we use a professional leakage device to inspect your compressed air installation and give you recommendations on how to optimise it in a final report.

Contact us and get a non-binding offer.

Efficiency measurement

The compressor is one of the largest “energy eaters” in a plant. Especially when several compressors are in use, it makes sense to look at the settings and the interaction of the different compressors. Often the compressed air systems are oversized or at the edge of the maximum capacity, so that a standby compressor would increase the operational safety of production.

With our data logger, we will record your exact compressed air requirements over a week and then simulate the optimal adjustment of your systems and compressors with you. With the final test report, you have a document on which you can make informed decisions to optimise your compressor station.


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