TD The “All in one” solution

TD systems Oil-injected screw compressors on receiver with dryer 4-18.5 kW

Our TD series is the ideal “all in one” solution for our customers who prefer a compact solution. No pipe work, everything is ready, just plug in the power, connect the compressed air supply to the consumer network or device and you are ready to go…

Your advantages with SMART TD Compressor


Due to the small space requirement this machine fits almost everywhere

Plug & Play

No complex piping necessary and easy to connect

High compressed air quality through integrated dryer

No condensation of water in the compressed air and thus protection of all downstream equipment. Low residual oil content in the compressed air and thus protection of the environment.

Super silenced

Due to the low noise emissions this compressor can be installed almost anywhere.

Integrated filters

Due to the already installed pre- and fine filters (option), a consistently high quality of compressed air is guaranteed for the generated compressed air.

With or without speed control

Our compact units are also available as speed- controlled units, i.e. the compressor always produces exactly as much compressed air as you need.

2 year warranty included or
5-year warranty as an option

Compact, space-saving with the highest compressed air quality
Our TD systems

With the TD series, we offer a compact solution that optimally meets all of our customers’ requirements. The oil-injected screw compressors on containers with dryers work with a nominal output of 4 to 18.5 kW. Choose from eight different models from the SMART 4TD to the SMART 18TD for your all-in-one solution.

Thanks to the compact design of the TD systems, you can use and set up each model to save space. No complex piping is necessary – plug & amp; Play enables an uncomplicated connection. After connecting the compressed air connection to the device or consumer network, you can start right away. The TD systems offer high compressed air quality, which is made possible by the integrated dryer. This prevents the formation of condensation, which protects all downstream devices. In combination with the low residual oil content in the compressed air, our SCC compressors make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

You have the choice! – Eight models of the TD series for different requirements at a top price

Our TD systems are also particularly characterized by the consistently high quality of the compressed air. This is guaranteed at all times by the integrated cyclone separator and pre-filter and fine filter for the compressed air generated. And so that your compressor always produces exactly as much compressed air as is required, you can also get the compact systems as speed-controlled systems. Simply choose between Flexi models for the pressure range from 7-10 bar and SMART models for 7-12 bar your desired model in our webshop.

Tolpec lives service and competence with every customer and for every product. Guaranteed!

In addition to a high-quality SCC compressor, we would like to offer you the best service for our products. To do this, we ensure that there is a competent partner in your area so that you don’t have to worry about anything and can fall back on a tailor-made service. The specialist staff on site is trained so that the compressors can be serviced and repaired at any time. We provide a large spare parts warehouse for this purpose, with which we ensure that the required parts are shipped 24 hours after receipt of the order.

With the help of long maintenance intervals for SCC compressors, maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum. To do this, we put together the parts required for maintenance in a maintenance kit, so that no part is missing during maintenance and you receive a price advantage compared to ordering individually.
Of course, our compressors come with a 2-year guarantee after purchase. This way you keep your costs under control and you can fall back on an optimal service. Furthermore, we give you the opportunity, in cooperation with our sales and service partners, to take out an extended 5-year guarantee as part of the “worry-free” contract, so that you are also protected against unplanned costs later on.

Tolpec offers you the complete package of high quality, reliability and guaranteed competence. If you have any further questions or problems, please contact our technical hotline. Our webshop is also available to you 365 days a year and offers you comprehensive information on our products and services.


Model Overview

ModelNominal power
Volume fow (m³/min)
Volume fow(m³/min)
Volume fow (m³/min)
@12bar **
L x W x H in mm
Sound level
SMART 4 TD*40,63 0,62 0,37 1879x765x1670464 63 +/-2
SMART 5 TD*5,50,86 0,81 0,48 1879x765x1670425 63 +/-2
SMART 7 TD*7,51,10 1,06 0,85 1879x765x1670430 63 +/-2
SMART 11 TD*111,66 1,64 1,26 1962x920x1765580 66+/-2
SMART 15 TD*152,25 1,97 1,79 1962x920x1765580 66+/-2
SMART 18 TD*182,97 2,94 2,10 2120x990x1840710 69+/-2

* Tank 1*270 l horizontal for 4-7.5 kW, 2*125 l horizontal for 11-18.5 kW Dryer Dew point +5°C
Performance data according to ISO 1217, annexe C
Technical changes and mistakes reserved


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