The powerful one

Oil-injected screw compressors with direct drive 22-315 kW

Due to the two-stage compression, the temperature increase
in the compaction process and thus also require less energy input. Significant savings can be achieved over the life cycle of a compressor station. The compressor speed control ensures that only as much air is produced as is actually required. All permanent magnet motors areequipped with efficiency class IE4 as standard .

Your advantages with the STRONG 2S compressor

Two-stage compaction

Exceptionally high energy savings compared to single-stage compression. Due to the intermediate cooling of the air in the compression process, less energy is required. In some cases, more than 10% energy can be saved compared to single-stage compaction

Permanent magnet motor

PM motors are characterized by improved efficiency compared to asynchronous motors. Our PM motors achieve or exceed class IE4. Our motors are air-cooled. There is no additional oil circuit for engine cooling and therefore less oil is required in the system

Speed control

The motor speed is automatically adjusted to the air requirement. This enables high energy savings and reduces expensive idle times to a minimum

Intelligent control

SCC control units already have many options on delivery. For example, the connection of the control system via the ModBus protocol is already available, as is the option of connecting and controlling up to 10 compressors with each other

Maximum reliability

Slow-rotating compressor stages, below 3,500 rpm, and a generously dimensioned ventilation system significantly increase the service life of the compressors

Accessibility for maintenance work

When developing new compressors, we place particular emphasis on the accessibility of compressor components for maintenance work. This reduces the time required for maintenance work and makes it easier for service technicians

Energy recovery

With the heat recovery option, you can make your compressor even more efficient with integrated heat exchangers and save additional costs by using the heat directly in the form of hot water

Low noise level

The low speed of the compressor stage and adapted air routing have a positive effect on noise emissions

2 year warranty included or
5-year warranty as an option

The champion in energy efficiency

Our STRONG 2S series is the champion among energy-efficient compressors.

By using highly efficient permanent magnet motors, up to 10% more energy can be saved in a compressor (compared to a speed-controlled compressor with a three-phase asynchronous motor).


Model Overview

ModelNominal power
Volume fow (m³/min)
Volume fow (m³/min)
Length in mmWidth in mmHight in mmWeight
Sound level
STRONG 2S 22221,4 - 4,11,4- 3,416201100145085075
STRONG 2S 30302,4 - 5,91,6 - 4,019001250155098073
STRONG 2S 37372,7 - 6,82,3 - 5,7190012501550115073
STRONG 2S 45453,7 - 9,42,7 - 6,7205015502050205073
STRONG 2S 55554,8 - 12,13,7 - 9,3205015502050212073
STRONG 2S 75756,1 - 15,14,8 - 12,0218017202100245075
STRONG 2S 90907,6 - 18,96,1 - 15,2265018501950275075
STRONG 2S 1101109,2 - 22,97,5 - 18,8235020001980282575
STRONG 2S 13213210,8 - 26,98,8 - 22,2272022002000368075
STRONG 2S 16016012,8 - 31,810,7 - 26,7272022002000423075
STRONG 2S 20020015,4 - 38,514,0 - 34,9380021002650590078
STRONG 2S 25025018,1 - 45,316,3 - 40,8350021002250715080
STRONG 2S 28028020,4 - 51,118,0 - 45,1410021002650720085
STRONG 2S 315 WK31522,4 - 56,120,4 - 50,2357921002567733085

Performance data according to ISO 1217, Annexe C
Technical changes and errors excepted


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