Compressed air is used as an energy carrier in many industrial sectors because it guarantees a high degree of safety and flexibility.

Your advantages with CYCLONE SEPERATORS

Reading the differential pressure display

Easy reading of the differential gauge and obstruction indicator (if it is installed) to prove the filter efficiency.

Easy handling

In a protected position, the threaded part of the head and housing ensures the easy removal of the housing for the replacement of the filter element.

Minimal pressure loss

The wide section of the flow channels ensures a limited loss of load.

Separator body made of aluminum

Separator body in aluminium, chromo phosphate and externally powder painted.

Detachable body

The body is easily to unscrew thanks to the hexagonal termination.

2 year warranty included or
5-year warranty as an option

Highly efficient refrigeration dryer

Compressed air is used as an energy carrier in many industrial sectors because it guarantees a high degree of safety and flexibility. For the compressed air to offer advantages over other energy carriers, it must be cleaned of impurities. Compressed air contains, among other things, pollutants such as lubricating oil from the compressors, corrosive gases in the atmosphere and from pollution, water vapor, solid particles from the disintegration of mechanical parts and distribution lines and solid particles that are present in the atmosphere.

Inside the compressor these substances become acidic due to the high temperatures, which leads to many problems with all pneumatic devices. The oil that enters the line loses its lubricating properties and thus in turn damages the equipment.

Standard reference conditions ISO 7183:

  • Ambient temperature: + 25°C
  • Working pressure: 7 bar
  • Inlet air temperature: + 20°C

Max working condition:

  • Inlet air temperature: + 100°C

Model Overview

L*W*H (mm)
CS 42 42 700 25 1/2 ''95*210 
CS 78 78 1300 45 3/4 ''95*210 
CS 168 168 2800 99 3/4 ''95*300 
CS 220 220 3667 129 1 ''125*300 
CS 306 306 5100 180 1. 1/2 ''125*300 
CS 630 630 10500 370 1. 1/2 ''125*385 
CS 1266 1266 21100 745 2 ''170*690 
CS 1800 1800 30000 1059 2. 1/2 ''200*980 
CS 2800 2800 46667 1648 3 ''200*980 

Performance data according to ISO 1217, Annexe C
Technical changes and errors are subject to change


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