The energy saving professional

Speed-controlled screw compressors 11-75 kW

The compressors of our FLEXI series are our energy saving professionals: they save up to 35% in power consumption compared to conventional compressors.

Your advantages with FLEXI Compressor

Highly efficient IE3 motors

Highly efficient IE3 motors contribute to significant energy reduction

Energy saving

Energy savings of up to 35 % through frequency control and the associated optimised design of the compressor

Profitable after a short time

Due to the reduced power consumption, and the re- sulting cost savings, the purchase of a new compressor of this type pays for itself in a very short time. And the environment will thank you

Efficient air generation

Consumption-dependent compressed air generation; the compressor always supplies as much compressed air as is actually required

Gentle on materials

No constant change from load to idle or switching off the compressor; protection of the mechanical components, lower electricity costs and longer service life

Low maintenance

Slow running motors and generously designed compres- sor stages allow longer maintenance intervals and thus reduce maintenance costs

2 year warranty included or
5-year warranty as an option

You save up to 35% on electricity consumption

The compressors of our FLEXI series are our energy saving professionals: they save up to 35% in power consumption compared to conventional compressors.

Where does that come from?

The total saving potential of a compressor compared to conventional compressors is divided into three areas:

  • Approximately 10% of the savings can be achieved by more efficient motors
  • Approximately 30 % can be saved by using electronic controlled frequency of the drive
  • The greatest potential, however, is the optimisation of processes and procedures in the plant, which often only become possible through speed control

All these saving possibilities have been realized with our FLEXI compressors.


Model Overview

ModeloPotencia de trabajo
Flujo Volumétrico
Flujo Volumétrico
Flujo Volumétrico
LxAxA in mm
Nivel de presion sonora
FLEXI 11111,83 1,73 1,36 1030x850x1380356 68 +/-2
FLEXI 15152,20 2,00 1,68 1030x850x1380371 68+/-2
FLEXI 18182,62 2,30 1,99 1170x980x1440492 70+/-2
FLEXI 11 TD*111,83 1,73 1,36 1960x915x1850580 69+/-2
FLEXI 15 TD*152,20 2,00 1,68 1960x915x1850600 69+/-2
FLEXI 18 TD*182,62 2,30 1,99 2235x1060x1950725 71+/-2

Performance data according to ISO 1217, Annexe C
Technical changes and errors are subject to change


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