SCC News September

Back to workVacation time
We find that most of our clients have returned from vacation. We hope that you all had a great holiday and now start together with us in the final spurt at the end of the year.

BrexitUnited Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum
As it stands, Britain will leave the European Union on 31.10.2019. We have therefore taken all precautions that our subsidiary SCC UK is also prepared for an unregulated Brexit. Among other things, we have significantly expanded our warehousing in England. Nevertheless, we all hope that it will be much better than all fear.

Revised warranty conditionsRevised warranty conditions (valid from 01.10.2019)
We have updated our warranty conditions and adjusted them to market conditions. In the case of a guarantee, we endeavor to help our customers in an unbureaucratic and quick manner and then analyze the problems in a clean manner and incorporate improvements in our production processes. The updated warranty terms will become available in the next few days.

SCC oils are specially designed to operate our compressors and help extend service life and significantly reduce wear on affected parts. In designing these tailor-made oils, our focus was not only on performance, but also on competitive prices, which, as our partners, enable you to provide your customers with a quality product and at the same time be very competitive. As the SCC oils significantly increase the operational safety of our compressors, their use will also play a role in the assessment of warranties. We recommend our partners to try SCC oils once to convince themselves of the performance itself.

Lager in WendlingenOur warehouse in Wendlingen
We are constantly adding new customers and distribution partners, so we also need to increase our stock of finished machines as well as the availability of replacement and service parts. With over 200 machines in stock, we guarantee very short delivery times. A modern storage system and appropriate software help our employees to keep track of things.

Tag der offenen Tür / Schulung am 23./24.10.2019Open House / Training
For our customers in Germany we are organizing an open day on 23./24.10.2019. This is a good opportunity to experience our machines “live” and to talk to our service technicians. On 24.10.2019 we will organize a training for SCC controllers, where you can work out the advantages and possible applications yourself. Of course, you can exchange views on possible use cases and questions with our technicians.